ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 is the most common standard requires globally. All businesses worldwide can apply for this standard and make their system comply with these requirements. Regardless of your organization’s size and scope, ISO 9001 can help you improve your internal and external processes such as customer communication, interested parties’ expectation and needs, and the supply chain.

ISO 9001 establishes the Quality Management System requirements that an entity shall comply with to demonstrate its ability to provide products and services. It also indicates that the entity is complying with its customer requirements and applicable statutory requirements.

ISO standards are designed so that they can easily be integrated into the organisation’s existing management systems.

Benefits of QMS Implementation


  • Meet Statutory and Regulatory Requirements:
  • Legal and statutory requirements can be different from industry to industry, it is essential that businesses confident they comply with applicable requirements. ISO 9001 can helps organizations to determine these requirements and address them accordingly.


    • Cost Reduction:
  • System and processes improvement will help organisation to have more efficient use of resources, time, and skills. This will lead to a cost reduction for the organisation.

  • Customer and other Interested Parties Needs and Expectations:

    The ISO 9001 requirements have been designed to support businesses, ensuring all customers’ requirements, interested parties’ needs, and expectations are met.


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