Why AVA Certification is a good choice

AVA Certification was founded by a group of expert ISO & NDIS auditors and highly experienced managers with the aims of certification provision in various industries. Our duties will not be ended up with just ticking the boxes. Our system is based on goals that not only meet our customer’s requirements, also does entirely consider, and address all interested parties’ needs and expectations.

Here are some of our quality targets but not limited to;

  • Introduce new certification services for national and international standards.
  • Provide first-class customer services to our clients with aims of enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement in our services and AVA Certification management system.
  • Continually monitoring our team performances and, if required, take immediate action.
  • Provide ongoing training for our employees to keep the team up to date.
  • Strive not to have any limitations such as the provision of resources and geographical location on providing services for our customers.
  • Provide handy process to receive, verify, investigate, and rectify a customer complaint in a timely manner.
  • Review our internal KPIs based on our interested parties’ needs and expectations.
  • Audit our performances regularly to Fully comply with ISO/IEC 17021 & ISO/IEC 17065.

    Why custmers choose us


    We are not here today to leave tomorrow. Forty years in different industries taught us who we are and why we are here. We know and care about the customer expectations.

    Qualification and Expertism

    Our auditors come from different industries with a wealth of experience. We are extremely meticulous about selecting auditors with the required skills and knowledge.

    Integrated Audit

    Our audit team is qualified to carry out integrated management system audits. This will save the client’s cost and time.


    We strive at all times to keep our system and services reliable,  sustainable and customer-oriented.

    You Are In Good Hands

    Getting certified has never been easier. All you need to do is to fill the quoting form and leave the rest to us.

    Reach Us

    201/284 Doncaster Road,
    Balwyn North, VIC 3104

    1300 282 452


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