Added Value Assessor Certification is an independent certification body that works according to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission and JAS/ANZ requirements. AVA Certification is listed as an approved quality auditor by the NDIS Commission to conduct quality audits against the NDIS Practice Standards. AVA Certification is committed to complying with national and international legal requirements.

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NDIS Assessment Description

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Stage 1:

The Stage 1 audit will be conducted off-site. Our experienced and competent audit team will evaluate the “provider’s self-assessment” document and associated processes and procedures to ascertain whether you are prepared to proceed with Stage 2 of the audit or if improvements and amendments are necessary. Following the assessment, the audit team will furnish a formal report to provide you with an overview of your compliance level with the scheme requirements.

The assessment at Stage 1 should cover, but not be limited to, the following areas:

 Verification of the self-assessment completed by providers during the registration of their application for obtaining a new or renewal scope of audits.

  • Verification of the provider’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance with NDIS practice standards requirements.
  • Any additional requirements stipulated by the Commission (if applicable).

If the provider is deemed ready for the Stage 2 audit, the audit should commence within three months of the completion of the Stage 1 audit.

 Stage 2:

During this stage, the relevant NDIS practice standards requirements will be evaluated to confirm their implementation. Stage 2 typically occurs on-site and includes interviews with key personnel, employees, contractors (if applicable), participants, site visits, and verification of competencies and qualifications. For further details, please reach out to the AVA Certification team.


 Provisional Audits

 An NDIS provider will undergo a provisional audit under the following circumstances:

  • The provider has applied for registration, which is subject to the certification assessment method.
  • The provider is new and has developed systems and processes to deliver NDIS supports and services but has not yet initiated service delivery.

A provisional audit is conducted as a single audit, combining elements of both Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits. :

  • stage 1 audit (off-site)
  • Stage 2 audit ( On-site)

During this stage, the relevant NDIS practice standards requirements will be evaluated to ensure their implementation. Stage 2 usually occurs on-site and includes interviews with key personnel, employees, contractors (if applicable), site visits, and validation of competencies and qualifications. For additional information, please reach out to the AVA Certification team.


Renewal Audits:

During the renewal certification or verification activities, AVA Certification will review previous audit reports and assess the management system’s performance throughout the latest NDIS provider certification cycle.

During the Re-certification or Re-verification Audit, AVA Certification will assess the ongoing fulfillment of all NDIS Practice Standards requirements and confirm the continued conformity and effectiveness of the NDIS provider’s policies, procedures, and practices.

During the Re-Certification or Re-Verification audits, AVA Certification auditors will verify the following items. These examples include, but are not limited to:


  • Assessing the effectiveness of the service in its entirety and its continued suitability for meeting the conditions of registration of the NDIS provider.
  • Reviewing information and evidence regarding conformity to all requirements of the applicable management system.
  • Evaluating compliance with system standards or other normative documents.
  • Assessing the demonstrated commitment to maintaining the effectiveness and improvement of the service to enhance overall performance.
  • Reviewing internal audit processes if applicable.
  • Evaluating management responsibility for client policies.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the management system in its entirety considering internal and external changes, and its continued relevance and applicability to the scope of NDIS certification.
  • Reviewing actions taken on nonconformities identified during the previous audit.
  • Evaluating complaint handling procedures.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the service in achieving the certified NDIS provider’s objectives and the intended results of its service to participants.
  • Reviewing any changes implemented.
  • Conducting interviews with staff and participants if applicable.
  • Assessing the capability and adequacy of resources to deliver service in the relevant registration groups.

These verification activities ensure the ongoing compliance and effectiveness of the NDIS provider’s policies, procedures, and practices.


Based on your registration group(s), you may need to be assessed against the Verification Module. This module is for the low-risk business and is carried out every three years. All verification audits are carried out off-site.

According to the NDIS commission; Bodies Corporate (excluding government providers) seeking registration for verification, only registration groups are required to demonstrate the following:
• Human Resource Management
• Incident Management
• Complaints Management
• Risk Management


As an Approved Quality Auditor, we will assess you after certification (at least every 18 months) to verify the effectiveness of implementing your procedures. At this stage, any changes to the organisation will be reviewed, and if any action is required will be communicated to the providers.

During the Mid-Term Audit, AVA certification auditors will verify all classes of supports that providers are registered to provide. The Audit will assess whether the NDIS provider has met and is meeting the following applicable standards for the class of supports:
➢ the provider governance and operational management in schedule 1 (Core Module);
➢ any standard for which a previous assessment by AVA Certification or any other approved quality auditors identified a need for the provider to implement a corrective action plan;
➢ any standard specified in relation to the Audit, for the purposes of this paragraph, by the Commissioner in a written notice given to the provider.

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